p r e v i o u s   |   n e x t

Jac Jenkins

Wallace Stevens Examines Modern Poetry

Poetry is a destructive force; the men
that are falling are men
made out of words. Pieces
of the man with the blue guitar
are dry birds fluttering
in blue leaves.

Poetry is a dove in the belly
of ordinary women; chaos
in motion and not
in motion, like the sea
surface full of clouds.

Poetry is a tattoo of the bird
with coppery, keen claws
on the world without peculiarity.

Poetry is a continual
conversation with a silent man
on a yellow afternoon; the creations
of sound from the debris
of life and mind. Anything
is beautiful if you say it is.


Source & Method

“Wallace Stevens Examines Modern Poetry”: composed of the titles/embedded titles of some of Wallace Stevens’s poems – some titles have been very slightly rearranged, and some connecting words have been added for cohesion.

Jac Jenkins farms and writes in New Zealand’s Far North. In 2018 she co-founded Pavlova Press, an independent publishing company, with her sister. She has lately been editing her mixed-genre manuscript from her MA, and fixing fences.

p r e v i o u s   |   n e x t

Issue 27