Issue #20: G l o s a

Issue #20

G l o s a

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Matthew McEver

What Fans Are Saying About the First TOOL Album in Over a Decade

Forest Ray

Lessons in Portuguese

David P. Miller

They Have the Same Political Accuracy as Suicide Vests

The Albuquerque Prompt Group

Homage to W.S. Merwin: Glosa in Six Voices Based on “The Solstice”

Erica Rothman


Elisabeth Blair


Scott T. Hutchison

American Bittersweet

Suzanne Frischkorn

Rural Community Page

Lynn Finger

Awkward Goodbyes

Jacquelyn Shah

Head without Premeditation

Ben Drum


Lita Kurth

Poem from Creative Writing Students

Sarah Plummer

Craigslist Unwanted Plants

Temidayo Jacob

brutal tenderness

Cindy Veach

At the Threshold

Susan Olding

Second Conjugation
The Reckoning

F. J. Bergmann


Cindy Bousquet Harris

questions don’t have to
Hunter’s Moon

Jerry Dennis

Eclipse Sonnet