Forest Ray

Issue 20

Lessons in Portuguese


To drink
He drinks
Ele bebe
He drank to forget the pain.
Ele bebia para esquecer a dor.

To cook
She cooks
Ela cozinha
She cooked as if nothing had happened.
Ela cozinhou como se nada tivesse acontecido.

To talk
We talk
Nós conversamos
We talked as if nothing had happened between us.
Nós conversamos como se nada tivesse havido entre nós.

To need, or require
You need
Você precisa
You need to get out of here before my husband arrives.
Você precisa sair daqui antes que o meu marido chegue.

Life is hard.
A vida é dura.

Source & Method

From the DuoLingo Portuguese course, lessons of which can feature unexpected phrases, whose utility, while questionable, are hard to forget.

Forest Ray is a freelance journalist and former paratrooper. He speaks Portuguese fluently, thanks in part to, or perhaps in spite of, DuoLingo.

Photo by Mohammad Saifullah