Mark Mahemoff

Ted Bundy explains

“You can go to the mouth of any great river
and pull out a handful of water
that’s flowing from it and say,
where did it come from?
To trace it back, okay,
and this is what we’re dealing with here,
we’re talking about microscopic events,
as it were,
and undistinguishable, undetectable events.
The melting of a single snowflake,
as it were, okay?
The advent of spring,
and the combination of other forces
and the ultimate, uh, result
that we appreciate
which is the river itself.


Source & Method

In writing found poems, something I’ve been doing for many years, my method is always the same. Methodically read a text. Pick the best lines. And use them to construct a poem. The constraints I place on myself is that I use the lines exactly as I find them and do not take them out of sequence. The source is the telemovie series, “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” (Creator: Joe Berlinger, 2019)

Mark Mahemoff is an Australian poet, critic and psychotherapist. He has published four books of poetry and his work is represented internationally in journals like Prism International in Canada, Kavya Bahrati in India, Kunapipi in Denmark, and Antipodes in the US. His most recent book is Urban Gleanings (Ginninderra Press, 2017)


Issue 22