Dawn Corrigan

Craig Arnold as Eustace Clarence Scrubb as Dragon

He leaped up in a panic
and began the descent.
At first, he tried to do it
too quickly, slipped on
the steep grass, and slid
several feet. He thought
this had carried him too far
to the left—as he came up
he’d seen precipices
on that side. So he clambered
up again and began
the descent afresh, bearing
to his right. He couldn’t see
more than a yard ahead.
There was perfect silence
all around him. It’s unpleasant
to have to go cautiously
when there’s a voice inside you
saying all the time
“Hurry, hurry, hurry.”
At last, he came slithering down
a slide of loose stones.
The light made him blink.
He was in an unknown valley,
the sea nowhere in sight.
About fifteen yards away
was a pool of clear water.
As he reached the edge
and bent towards the water,
he thought a dragon
was staring up at him.
But in an instant he realized
that dragon face in the pool
was his own reflection.
It moved as he moved:
it opened and shut its mouth
as he opened and shut his.
His first feeling was relief.
There was nothing to be
afraid of anymore.
He was terror himself now.
He turned to climb out
of the valley. He began
the climb with a jump
and found he was flying.

Source & Method

From C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Chapters V and VI. I’ve elided text, Americanized spelling, and added contractions.

Dawn Corrigan was a classmate of Craig Arnold’s at the University of Utah in the ’90s. She hopes he’s enjoying his next manifestation.

Issue 22