Amie Whittemore

4 Palmistry Poems

Introduction to Palmistry

When someone asks fate, the hands provide
desires rather than a path. Once to take.
A certain road. Sometimes we fail.
Life is our failures.
Palmistry serves as a guide, fluid, true.
The reading does not answer the questions:
Perhaps a woman discovers a desire.
Maybe a man has dreamed.
The hand shows the palmist that struggle will be necessary.
Often, all along, waiting for want only.
Palmistry is not about how long we live.
How many lovers we have. It speaks to whether or not—
there are no bad hands. Say a person likes traits
that could be seen as undesirable. Those who enjoy
can see others in light. We can move beyond miserable.
After reading hands I’ve found people are far more
rough-cut. Diamonds. Palmistry allows the polishing.
Studying the hand often we observe love.
Studying the hand we can find the nature of others.
Aware of inborn and acquired self,
we repeatedly blossom as we age. In the hand, believe.

Issue 25