Too Early To Drink & one other by Nathan Wade Carter

Issue 4

Too Early To Drink

You have no idea what to do with yourself
Too early to drink
Your friends
One by one
Have an intrusion
Human contact
You think you are alone
You unpack your name
The boat
The boat
The boat
A rooster
The boat
Words are useless

Source text: “Burning” by Jonathan Kime in The Sun, March 2010, p.18

Return the Empty

We put our beards back on
The night was colder
Most melancholy leaves
I tried to
Return the empty
I didn’t know how much had burned
Change seemed a miracle
Our plan was flawed
I rang the doorbell
The expression “It’s OK”
Is a second reaction

Source text: “The Stove” by Howard Luxenberg in The Sun, February 2007, p.40

Nathan Wade Carter is a poet, musician and artist living in Portland, Oregon. His poetry be found or is forthcoming in Potluck Magazine, Souvenir, Powder Keg Magazine, and elsewhere. He writes and performs songs under the name Purrbot, and is recording a new album called DNR. Find him online at