Rick Lupert

Issue 15


Gumbo’s origin’s may surprise you.
This 95-year old fed Freedom Riders Chicken.

What now Elon?
Where is your soul, black man?

Yankees manager touches umpire,
squats like catcher.

Raiders send megastar to Bears!
Phil Mickelson shows off insane, viral high-kick!

Racist Robocall!
Starbucks quietly tests a healthier recipe.

A disturbing photo and a leaky can of pepper spray
ruined this flight to Hawaii.

The most stirring moments from the Memorial service.
Prince Harry sings!

The best ice cream in New York City!
Watch this ice cream stretch like gum.

What’s really behind “scallop wars”.
Spear phishing has become even more dangerous!

Lustful dolphin causes swimming ban.
Meet the man she fell in love with.

Kanye West apologizes.
Get fit like Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Taiwan ‘hamburger’ goes global.
Lawmaker doubles down on ‘monkey’ comment.

Slow down and live long with this ancient practice.
9 hotels to sleep in before you die!

See Dad’s amazing catch of falling toddler.
See what’s streaming in September.

See this life size Bugatti made of Legos.
See fireball light up Australian sky!

See thousands of fish fall from the sky!
We’re going to build a lunar colony out of moon dust…

Method: All this text was found on September 1, 2018 on the home page of the CNN website. No clicking was involved.

Rick Lupert is a Los Angeles based poet and author of 23 collections of poetry, most recently Beautiful Mistakes (Rothco Press), and is founder of PoetrySuperHighway.com.