Rachel Stempel

Issue 21


I had a vision this message would find you.
I had a vision these lawyers don’t charge.
Problems? A natural solution to fight against—
The #1 thing you can do for yourself in these crazy times.

My Body Misses Your Tongue?? Erica
Find Love FREE & Fresh [though] Incredibly tricky
in the jungles of yesteryear violence
You +35 Hot pictures—We challenge

& seek Just confirmation.
For my hard-ons Erica I’m_Very_Horny
&I_wannna_do_bad_things_with_you Erica
Can We Be Friends Finally?

Online we Desperately Need The_Hidden_Part
You Your & Yours [all we think about]
Your prostate is the size of a lemon—Am I Still Lost
You Your & Yours

You & the 50 other women Come to Play
Get Zippy, Erica Why_aren’t_you_Here?
Is 1 Mistranslated Word In The Bible Killing You?
To think the biggest Democratic cover-up is God


Source & Method

Spam folder of my Gmail account linked to my Facebook that was hacked a few months ago.

Rachel Stempel is a queer poet and MFA candidate at Adelphi University where she also teaches. She’s currently larps as a Long Island townie.

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani