Jane Attanucci

Issue 15


if I were writing this
into daylight
freedom’s plow
carry the one

how her spirit got out
hot milk
the flashboat
mysticism for beginners

the rest of life
shoes at the door
stargazer’s sister
hurt into beauty


Source & Method: Titles of books on my desk and a sense of narrative inspired this poem. Authors in order of appearance: Robert Creeley, Jeffrey Harrison, Carol Anshaw, Krysten Hill, Deborah Levy, Jane Cooper, Adam Zagajewski, Mary Gordon, Michael Downing, Carrie Brown, Paul Hostovsky.

Jane Attanucci’s poems have appeared in The Aurorean, Bird’s Thumb, Off the Coast, The Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Right Hand Pointing and Third Wednesday among others. Her chapbook, First Mud, was released by Finishing Line Press (2015). She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.