photo by Sandra Agricola*

I s s u e   2 4

n e v e r   t o o   l a t e

Sandra Agricola

It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood
(cover photo)

Scott Brown


F.J. Bergmann

The Hydrologic Cycle, Long Before the Invention of Meteorology

Remi Seamon

Two erasure/collage poems
of The Hardy Boys: The Great Airport Mystery

Thomas Terceira 

Three collages on art history text

H. C. Phillips

I am born in this

Lauren Paredes

weather report no.1

Shloka Shankar

seep (v.)

C. B. Auder

United States of Millennia

Matthew Schultz

A Strange Voyage

April Garcia


Jacsun Shah

To-Do List

Michael Brockley

A Gratitude Cento

Emmeline Solomon

Society Must Be Defended

kerry rawlinson

Two erasures

Anhvu Buchanan


Barbara Sabol

After Ruin


*Sandra Agricola is a yoga teacher and writer living in Birmingham, Alabama. Object found on a wall in Cedar Key, Florida

Issue 24