Soft Thunder & one other by Owen Clayborn

Issue 1

Soft Thunder

rats soft thunder laugh in the
rain stirring doors bang
in the undergrowth

in their jambs
red cars
hiss yellow light eaves drip
hum alleys

itching nerves nets of
landing do not
succeed in
the mackerel of the

The Times They Are a Newspaper

proto plasticine
Cherokee Jew
gonzo mariachi
lizard breath
and the
clicking robinson buzzard press
politicizes the hangnail
of a
haunted proton pacman
for this
madrigal summer
you can
rent your own
wizard scissor cottage
minus the
eclectiv landlady
the times
they are
a newspaper

Source Text: The Independent Newspaper, 21st September, 2014

Owen Clayborn is a British-American writer of short and full-length fiction, as well as poetry. He currently lives on a rainy island in the North Atlantic.