Peter J. King

Three Found Poems


You see,
a poet is wounded into speech, ……..and
he examines those wounds,

to discover how to heal them

(Nova, Samuel Delaney)
In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,
/-iz/ is used not only after /s z s z c j/ but
also after /sp st sk/
(An Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics,
H. A. Gleason [Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, 1969])
Farmer’s Wife Hints:
Keep cool
(Farmer’s Wife yoghurt carton)

Source & Method

Sources as noted.

Peter J. King, born and brought up in Boston, Lincolnshire, was active on the London poetry scene in the 1970s, returning to poetry in 2013.  His work has been widely published in magazines & anthologies; available collections: Adding Colours to the Chameleon (Wisdom’s Bottom Press) & All What Larkin (Albion Beatnik Press).

Issue 25