photo by Sandra Agricola*

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Sandra Agricola

It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood
(cover photo)

Scott Brown


F.J. Bergmann

The Hydrologic Cycle, Long Before the Invention of Meteorology

Remi Seamon

Two erasure/collage poems
of The Hardy Boys: The Great Airport Mystery

Thomas Terceira 

Three collages on art history text

H. C. Phillips

I am born in this

Lauren Paredes

weather report no.1

Shloka Shankar

seep (v.)

C. B. Auder

United States of Millennia

Matthew Schultz

A Strange Voyage

April Garcia


Jacsun Shah

To-Do List

Michael Brockley

A Gratitude Cento

Emmeline Solomon

Society Must Be Defended

kerry rawlinson

Two erasures

Anhvu Buchanan


Barbara Sabol

After Ruin


*Sandra Agricola is a yoga teacher and writer living in Birmingham, Alabama. Object found on a wall in Cedar Key, Florida

Issue 24

An Erasure Fable About Eating 75
and Surpassing 1000 Career Hot Dogs and Bun

(from the 2020 Nathan’s July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest introduction for Joey Chestnut, by George Shea, MC and Co-Founder of Major League Eating

MORAL: “whoever can eat the most of my hot dogs is the most American” – Nathan Handwerker, contest founder

Source & Method

Derived from transcriptions of sports announcers I typed up while watching events. For the hot dog poem, the Moral is a quote attributed to the founder of Nathans by a number of sources, including Smithsonian magazine and George Shea himself. The fable format is one I’ve been playing with as a way to tease out the moralistic implications made by sports culture.

Alex Wells Shapiro (he/him) is a poet and artist from the Hudson Valley, living in Chicago. He reads submissions for Another Chicago Magazine and Frontier Poetry, and is a co-founder of Exhibit B: A Reading Series presented by The Guild Literary Complex. His work is recently published or forthcoming in Blood Tree Literature, Boudin, Pangyrus, and Digging Through the Fat. More of his work may be found at

Issue 24