Andy Fogle

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Schoolhouse Syllabics, Hancock

an / i / mos / i / ty
a / pos / tol / ic / al
cu / ri / os / i / ty

em / blem / at / ic / al
met / a / phor / ic / al
Fus / tian


Method:  This came out of a weeklong National Endowment for the Humanities seminar I participated in 2 summers ago about the Shakers here in east-central New York and western Massachusetts. It came directly from material I saw handwritten in Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts.  I haven’t changed it a bit.

Andy Fogle has five chapbooks of poetry, with poems, translations, memoir, interviews, criticism, and educational research in Image, Mid-American Review, Blackbird, Gargoyle, Teachers & Writers Collaborative, English Journal, and elsewhere. He lives in upstate NY, teaching high school and working on a Ph.D. in Education.