Andy Fogle

Five Found John Brown Poems

Common Noun Etymologies

a mob is a vulgar crowd
a mutiny moves to rebellion

rebellion is war by some
war is mixture, confusion

aggression is a walking towards
conflict: a striking together

business involves care, anxiety
an affair is something to do

emeute: to move
emotionally, a pack of hounds

a conspiracy agrees
a plot is a dense crowd, a secret project

treason is a handing over
excitement calls out, calls forth

a government steers,
is the helm of

a foray (straw forager)
plunders, raids, searches for food

to riot is to quarrel, debate
a riot is dissolute living

those who are scared shrink from
panic, this god that causes terror

quaking: the chatter of teeth
outbreaks burst, erupt

invasions go into
insurrections rise up

an uprising wakes,
gets out of bed

beginning? begin
crusade is a cross


Issue 25