Late Night Show By Cherise Wyneken

Issue 5


In his Introduction of
“Dreams – a Way
to Listen to God,”
Morton Kelsey writes,
“The purpose of this book is
to show
Accurately and simply
How the ordinary person
Can begin to understand
The incredibly varied
And fascinating shows
That take place within our psyche
Each night.”

Collections of collages
Cross my picture screen
Whenever I go to sleep.

Kelsey says that God’s the speaker
In this production of our dreams.
But then again perhaps
It’s only as it seems.

It seems that someone
Found all my photo books
Then slipped the slides through the solution
And hung them up on hooks.

So in the dark room of my brain
I do a paste-up job.
I make a darn good artist!
Or is it really God?


*Previously published in TOUCHSTONES, Winston-Derick Publishers, Inc.

Source text: Morton Kelsey, Dreams – A Way to Listen to God

Cherise Wyneken is a freelance writer of poetry, prose, and children’s stories which have been published in various publications, reviews, anthologies, two collections of poetry, two poetry chapbooks, and an audio-cassette. Her poem, Borne Again was nominated for the 2012 Poetry Pushcart prize.

Ever More Power, More Powerless Than Ever By P J Wren

Issue 5

He was
feeling insulted (by a peer)

He was
feeling unfairly criticized (by a professional critic)

He was
feeling diminished (by commenters)

He was
feeling (merely) exposed

He had
a recurring sense that if

He had
allowed her to speak

He would
have been (destroyed) forever.


Source text: Heather Havrilesky, “When the Powerful Cry ‘Bully'”, New York Times April 26, 2016

PJ Wren is scientist and writer from Kensington, Maryland. Her work has appeared in The Lake, Apocrypha and Abstractions, and elsewhere.

The Relation of Dreams to the Unconscious Mind: A Poem in Four Arguments By Eliot Gilbert

Issue 5

There are two works of Aristotle
in which dreams are mentioned.

Ergo, the ancients had the same
idea concerning a dependence

of the dream-content on life[1].


Everyone who occupies himself
with dreams will recognize, as a
very common phenomenon, the fact
that a dream will provide
profound insight.


The phallus manifests
in both a dream state
and in reality.


I want tenure.


[1] The modern reader would be wise to remember the writings of Lucretius: “Et quo quisque fere studio devinctus adhaeret, aut quibus in rebus multum sumus ante morati atque in ea ratione fuit contenta magis mens, in somnis eadem plerumque videmur obire; causidici causas agere et componere leges, induperatores pugnare ac proelia obire,”… etc, etc.


Source Text: Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams

Eliot Gilbert has been published or is forthcoming in The Puritan, Calliope, Eunoia Review, The Woven Tale Press, as well as several other places. In addition to this, Eliot serves as associate editor at Existere literary journal and poetry instructor at the town of Newmarket.

As Boys and Girls Settled Down With Armouries By Alan Harnum

Issue 5
  1. Waiting for the Races

“Kill as you go” former street chess wizard
Joe Smolij advises Wellesley.

Hospital receptionist Joy Scott on the plan:
“Now for healthy, tasty turkey­overs,
computers are wave of the future. But do we
all need them buddies?”

Margaret Thatcher and
Brian Mulroney share more
than a high regard for each other!
They also enjoy catering to people who
play with computers as a pastime.

Is John Crawford’s business Crawford?

Right, is president splash down? He
lands in Lake Ontario, just offshore
the falls of Niagara.

  1. Good Weather for Flying

Sleep­in of 150 Yorkville hippies
in front of City Hall began last
night as boys and girls settled down
with armouries.

Woodstock: a woman sobs in anguish.

Outside Weston Collegiate, where
frantic parents gathered, pollution
rom coal plants will dump millions
of tons of acid.

On Canada, attack and counterattack
featured the confrontation between federal
and provincial leaders at the constitutional.

  1. People Who Play With Computers as a Pastime

Deep in the heart of
one four nuclear reactors
at Pickering power station,
technicians prepare tubes
that will burning of the
Rossin House.

Toronto view from York Street 1862:
British land army, business block
cobalt limestone quarry.

Milton, if ye break faith we shall not sleep.

Buy victory bonds, major oil companies!
Officially? Opposed to cut ­rate, no­ frills
service stations; sometimes find it expedient
to fuel rods.

Pickering: employee checks fuel, rods on
reactor. Anthony Westell objects to
receiving letter from birds miscellaneous.

  1. Kill As You Go

Hamilton, the Birmingham of Canada;
the Manchester of Canada;
Oshawa, illustrated;
waiting for the races, Grimsby Beach,
the pride of Canada; Spuzzum River
from Cariboo Road; the Mint; Ottawa;
Canada. Main Street. Markham, Ont.
Canada. Post Office. Strathroy, Ont.
Canada. Lynnhurst Swimming Lake.
St. Thomas, Ont. Canada. Toronto from
Hanlan’s point.

Parliament buildings;

Good weather for flying awaits these

Canadian armed forces jets at Trenton
air base, which were to take part in the
Bird’s­ eye view of Victoria, British Columbia.

Sunnyside. A sailor gets a resounding victory kiss.


Source Text: Joseph Bloorg Twitterbot (@tpldbot)

Alan Harnum is a software developer and former librarian in Toronto, Canada with an interest in how computers help, alter and impair the creation of art. Much of his free time is spent writing, usually (for better and/or worse) on a computer.

A Quiet Place By Eric Allen Yankee

Issue 5

I live in a quiet place
This goddamn evil road
Babbling insane lies
A night’s worth of ice
Followed by total confusion
Rabbit bites its own head off
Gunned down in a blazing crossfire
A huge red shark
Just outside the door
Pools of fresh blood
Put a different interpretation
On the scene


Source text: Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 

Eric Allen Yankee’s recent publications include The People’s Tribune, CC+D, Uut Poetry, The Fem, The Miscreant, and Ygdrasil.  He is the co-editor of Caravel Literary Arts Journal.  He is a member of the Revolutionary Poet’s Brigade of Chicago.  You can find him on Facebook at