The Relation of Dreams to the Unconscious Mind: A Poem in Four Arguments By Eliot Gilbert

Issue 5

There are two works of Aristotle
in which dreams are mentioned.

Ergo, the ancients had the same
idea concerning a dependence

of the dream-content on life[1].


Everyone who occupies himself
with dreams will recognize, as a
very common phenomenon, the fact
that a dream will provide
profound insight.


The phallus manifests
in both a dream state
and in reality.


I want tenure.


[1] The modern reader would be wise to remember the writings of Lucretius: “Et quo quisque fere studio devinctus adhaeret, aut quibus in rebus multum sumus ante morati atque in ea ratione fuit contenta magis mens, in somnis eadem plerumque videmur obire; causidici causas agere et componere leges, induperatores pugnare ac proelia obire,”… etc, etc.


Source Text: Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams

Eliot Gilbert has been published or is forthcoming in The Puritan, Calliope, Eunoia Review, The Woven Tale Press, as well as several other places. In addition to this, Eliot serves as associate editor at Existere literary journal and poetry instructor at the town of Newmarket.