Suzanne Frischkorn

Issue 20

Rural Community Page

My son saw a medium-sized pig
run across Hill Road—
///////in case anyone is missing one.

There are two pigs that live
on the end of that road.
What was her coloring? Tiffany,
was Arya on the loose?

The Cross Highway goats are standing
on the roof of a car. A goat share ride
on Goats Highway. Pettigoat Junction— a town
///////where nature’s critters roam free.

Hatched cicada chillin’ poolside.
Anyone else have any sightings?

Pug! (looks like)
There is a pug (dark brown,
or black) with collar at field
near Black Rock Turnpike. Will not
come to us—do not want
it to run onto 58!!!! Anyone???

///////Any fresh eggs nearby?

Two dogs running on Seventy Acre, they ran
when I opened the car door.

Racoon? More than likely.
Yes, because of the thumb.
I agree. Looks rather large.
Better lock your windows and doors.

Around 4 PM today a German Shepherd
trotted through our yard.
Anyone missing a dog?

I saw the Monarch caterpillar
but he is gone now. What should
I look for next?

Can anyone tell me if our ducks
are both females? They look
like it to me, but who knows?
There’s been some questionable activity.

Someone is dumping Koi
in Huntington Park. I saw
two giants swimming today
while I was fishing.

Hawks at the community garden.

Anyone know the rules for a cow
on property? Acreage needed?

Spectacular sunset over the barn tonight.

Egg table is out at Old Redding Road!

Missing cat. Answers to Merlin.
All black. Reward for his safe return.

Long Ridge railroad crossing is open—
North and South Redding are reunited!
We should have a parade!

Source & Method

This poem is a collage made of text found in the Redding CT 411 community page on Facebook. I moved to Redding a few years ago and was struck immediately by the difference in tone, and consternations, on the Redding community page from the page of the small industrial city where we had previously lived. I love this small rural community and all of its different voices; I hope that comes through in this collage.

Suzanne Frischkorn is the author of Lit Windowpane (2008), Girl on a Bridge, (2010) and five chapbooks. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including Copper Nickel, Diode, Ecotone, Indiana Review, Puerto del Sol, and Verse Daily.

Photo by Monica Bourgeau