Mother Star By Shawn McClure

Issue 9

The body is composed,

Movements are observed
taken up

Time is a convoluted

Most living cells contain
rows of
young bodies

In the form of a star:

each with its own space,
daughters in cells furnished with
scarlet glass


Source Text: Gray’s Anatomy, pages 1-5, Henry Gray, F.R.S.

Method: I made this poem by choosing my favorite words and phrases that seem to connect in some unexpected meaningful way. I chose them from across five pages of text. I left the words in the same order that they appear, like an erasure. I like to think my poem is somewhere in the mind of any person who has ever read the book.

Shawn McClure is a visual artist and writer who lives in central New Jersey. Her writing has appeared in Kindred Magazine, Entropy, Noble/Gas Qtrly, and other places around the web.