Shifting Sands By Matthew J. Lawler

Issue 5

Encounter of a cliff’s edge,
Losing the Sun to the evening sky,
Sinking into the sea stars,
My back against the wall
Worn like delicate wounds,
Eyes look toward heaven’s luminous moon.
The inner curtain torn,
Bodily glow discolored
Bubbling regret,
While tasting the bitter froth
That slept in winter’s jaw,
With worn feet I crept across
a vassal land of frost.
Handicapped by pointed fingers
Painting glimpses of an outer world
Stuck inside my inner world.


Source text: Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time (Vol. 1 Swann’s Way)

Matthew J. Lawler is a Chicago native raised on the City’s North Side(Irving Park neighborhood) He now resides in Skokie IL. His work is published in Visual Verse and forthcoming in the People’s Tribune and Caravel Literary Arts Journal. He has been writing poetry since his teenage years. His poetic themes are usually urban in nature and rich in narrative quality. Find him at