Liliana E. Guzmán

Issue 18

Her Name Was Maggie Magic

On the other side of the beach
She sits, wringing her hands
biting her thumbnails,
(possibly to keep calm)

She was curvy, white, as well drunk
smiling a little, while praying
(or at least trying)

Tells tales of a beardless girl
Dirty shores, and unborn
babies in fallen worlds
Comforting yet boring

Pulls out her glass eye to show us
No telling what she’ll do
Though I know we’ll know soon
For I hear the sirens…

Source: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Liliana E. Guzmán is a Mexican-American poet and music journalist from Kansas City, MO. Their work has been previously published in Scrittura Magazine, Bridge Ink., Five2One, among others. They have forthcoming work in Moonchild Magazine and KidSpirit.