Headlines from 2/25/15 By Margie Kivel

Issue 7

1. Intel Committee Shows Fatally Dead.  2. Half of Senate Refuses Change, Invites Death.  3. Guantánamo  Remains, Posing Reported. 4. Chair Seeks Return of Wife. 5. Protocol Bans Women. 6. Suspicious Senate Drops North Dakota. 7.  Pipeline Leaks at President’s Home. 8. Supreme Court Votes for Hands Up Torture. 9. Climates Interrupt, Change Kills. 10. Citizens Shot For Bus Change. 11. Torture United Reports Civil Rights Man-Made. 12. CIA Kills Speaker, Seeks Video.  13. Oil Drilling Offered, Invites Corruption’s Lover. 14.  Files Remain in NJ.


Source: 2/25/15 headlines on Democracy Now.

Margie Kivel lives in Rockport, Maine. Her work has been published in The Lampeter Review (Wales), A Taste of Ink, and Anthology of High Tide Poets in Midcoast Maine. Her poem, “Jail House Rock”, was the winner of the 2015 Photo Finish Contest in Iron Horse Review.