I would like to express my concern (at your organisation’s behaviour) By Amy Engle

Issue 7

As a messenger
of firstly your country (but also of mankind)
that we as people basically programmed by nature
and that our understanding
of almost everything
:: is far too limited.

Images of Mars almost certainly suggest life?

No one seems much interested in anything to do with life.
((As could be apart from bacteria?))
Even Einstein’s theory that time is not linear
would suggest that if life ever lived there (or indeed ever does life there)
it could that it lives there today even if it died
millions of years ago / in linear time.

I strongly feel the image shows signs of life.

That the wheel is a metaphor of a fish almost like thunder after lightning.
That the drill hole may be responsible for damaging life

(in time and space) maybe
dislodging / quanta
or something
like that.

That the life itself is damaged
in a way we simply don’t understand.

The surface itself is arbitrary.
(Arbitrary isn’t simple as to what it means.)

It is important to understand the nature of the mechanisms that make arbitrary woe before measuring
any face that it may show you any more
/ or less /
than measuring
the colour of a cuttle fish without understanding
what made it change colour.

Mars is certainly showing signs of life
(probably real high order life like zebras and big fishes type life maybe even people in my opinion) purely
as an educated citizen with no agenda.


Source: An email received by the Public Information Officer for Global Security at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Amy Engle is a professional writer, editor, and digital media/communications specialist based out of Los Alamos, New Mexico. She has an MFA in Poetry from the University of Utah, but is currently the full-time Social Media Manager for Los Alamos National Laboratory and spends her days finding poetry in science.