Seeing By Tyrell Collins

Issue 10

Her hand signal,
too much for her to speak,
too much to understand.

Her eyelids just ripple, twitch.
Was that a blink?
She weaved the lids up,
and let them thud back down.
The pain weighs that much.

A day with—
The word doesnt hurt enough.

she asked for it.
This was the end,
how she would go.

Its been twenty years.
Ive forgotten so much.


Source: Ordinary Light by Tracy K Smith

Method: The craft of this poem came from pure inspiration to teach my first-year-writing students the wonders of how one genre of writing can cross into another to make something new.

Tyrell is a Masters of Fine Arts Candidate at Columbia College Chicago. His work has appeared in the Lab Review, Don’t Talk to me About Love online Magazine, and Punctuate. a Non-Fiction Magazine.