Or Otherwise Damaged & one other by Donald Welch

Issue 4

Or Otherwise Damaged

Warning: always exercise
intended purpose.
Always grasp and pull.
We recommend the possibility of danger
or built-in risk.

Leave your need to obtain.
This includes both inside and outside,
clockwise or counterclockwise.

Avoid potential safety.
If necessary use a blade
in any garage away from sunlight.

This new cool technology
is sensitive, friendly, and normal.

Gently, gently

This new cool technology
will control your needs.

Gently, gently

Life should be original
should be fresh
should be used
the same day as purchased.

Note: This may fluctuate due to death or injury.

Always read,
do not use harsh chemicals
every three months ensure good thunderstorms,
remove the power
when power has been prolonged and spoiled,
Forces that interfere evaporate naturally in time.
This is normal.

Exception: damages caused by our lack of care.

The remedy provided may not apply.

Source text: Black and Decker Refrigerator Manual

Other Heavenly Bodies

People move in regular fashion
night to night
night to night

a code
The sun is a bright circle
The moon has a variety of shapes
but bodies are points of light

Writers record the “proof”
the assassination of Julius Caesar
the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans
the conquest of England by William of Normandy

draw an imaginary line across the sky
notion of “infinite distance”
nothing to do but wait

William won
the Roman Empire fell apart
and the fall of Jerusalem took place somewhat earlier—
Calpurnia’s face crumbled away
insubstantial dust fit into a suitcase
unscrupulous salesmen made considerable money
by selling the Earth its burden of life

The first scientific discovery
Nothing ever vanishes, of course
We have evidence of the sky on a dark moonless night

Nowadays, probably at dusk,
pizzas are delivered
and in the early morning
whirling, whirling faster
bodies have retained some of the light

Source text: Isaac Asimov, “Guide to Halley’s Comet”.

Donald C. Welch III is a teaching assistant at the Rebecca School for Autism where he runs the Ultimate Crusaders Poetry Workshop. His current project @SocialLit explores new forms of poetry and collaborative writing derived from Social Media, and he has a found poem sourced from 90’s music in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine For more on Donald and his work visit donaldcwelch3.tumblr.com