Lifespan Cancelled by Stephanie Ellis

Issue 6

Maybe you’re psychic
But your iron sight
Does not make you invisible

Imprisoned since childhood
You crouch, a lone wolf
In the forge of your shame

The clock is ticking
As locked in a killing frenzy
You create your own boneyard

A dangerous covenant
Of flesh wounds and dead morals
Disguising the zealot spawned

Your thunderstorm tears
From a pool of unlimited life
For you there is no absolution


Sources: Inserts from: XBOX 360 Hitman Absolution, XBOX 360 Borderlands2, XBOX 360 Bioshock Infinite, XBOX 360 Halo

Stephanie Ellis is a Teaching Assistant in a Southampton secondary school. Her poetry has been published in local and national press and online. She is a regular contributor to the online poetry sites, Visual Verse and VERStype as well as being a published horror short story writer.