grace is being pulled along the brick walls and never stopping By Hannah Cohen

Issue 7

and becoming a catholic
seems to be
the right thing to do                                

when I see a pope so committed
to the poor,
to peace,
to love,

I get high

see, god doesn’t mean
he’s not there

if you see a painting
on the wall,
there must be a god

you know I will be praying
for you
but I want you to pray
for you,
me, this crooked generation

it’s a world of god
money; I’m setting
up a pastoral plan of ghettos

so the elderly, they would begin
to dream again


Source: various articles from The Catholic Virginian newsletter (both online and in print).

Hannah Cohen lives in Virginia and is a MFA candidate at Queens University of Charlotte. She’s Poetry Editor of Firefly Magazine. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming from december, The Tishman Review, Public Pool, The Shallow Ends, and elsewhere. She tweets at @hcohenpoet.