Boyd Razor

Issue 17




If a person dreams
he has been beheaded,
it has a good interpretation.

If he is sick,
he will recover.

If he has debt,
it will be repaid.

If he is in distress,
he will be helped out of it.

If he is in living in fear,
he will find security.

If he is captive,
he will be freed.

Source & Method

Interpretation of Dreams by Imam Muhammad Bin Sirin, edited by M. A. Shahid, translated by Shakil A. Monir. Published by Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Nigeria, Lagos. Line breaks added. Punctuation altered. Changed the order a little. A few unneeded words dropped.

Will you still have a song to sing when Boyd Razor comes and take your fancy things away?

Photo by Timothy Eberly