Elsewhere by G.V. Anderson

Issue 4



Source text: Various rejections received by the author from short story markets in 2015

G.V. Anderson lives on the south coast of England and writes a little bit of everything. She’s a lover of fantasy books, lazy evenings, and spicy pizza. Right now, she ought to be working on her novel – but she’s probably asleep. Poke her awake at @luna_luminarium.

Maine by Mukethe Kawinzi

Issue 4

you want drunk gorgeous summer
sleep and swea
frantic beauty
peach skin
dark languid sleep
recall why and what we want

Source text: Reviews from tripadvisor.com

Poetry is a new adventure for Mukethe Kawinzi, who spends her time traipsing among the flora, fauna, and farmers of New England. She works in the field of healthy food access and lives in New Haven, Connecticut.

Girl Standing Alone by L.G. Corey

Issue 4

I met her


before finale day

on jhalak sets
when she was doing





Source text: Twitter feed.

L.G. Corey has written three books of poetry. The second, Sausalito Poems 1959-1961, was published last year by Platypus Press. His third collection, Rats’ Alley Poems, will be released in mid-2016. Corey’s poems have also appeared in a number of print and electronic journals including Evergreen Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, and Midstream. He turned 81 in November 2015.

Unpolished by Jennifer Todhunter

Issue 4

I polish and paint my love
black inside my pocket
promise it will split the heavy evening
we share

We can turn the moonlight off–
run away and not exist
in one simple reflection and
a complicated conversation

I will kill my conscious, if you like,
with coffee and medication
so I can feel your lonely kiss
in the morning

Source text: Bright Eyes, “Lua”

Jennifer Todhunter is a number nerd by day, word fiddled at night. She enjoys dark, salty chocolate and running top speed in the other direction. Find her at www.foxbane.ca or @JenTod_