collage by Sarah Sloat

featured image by Sarah J. Sloat

U n l o s t 

publishes found poetry and art once a week, typically on Sunday.

What is found poetry?

Found poems come from existing texts, such as newspaper articles, street signs, letters, books, poems.* The person who finds the text presents it in a fresh way by applying some method to the text. In simple examples, line breaks and stanzas are applied. In others, one choose words and phrases and creates something new. Creating a found poem is almost like going on a treasure hunt. Just about anything can be a source for a found poem, even spoken words. (This information is based on material from The best way to learn about found poetry is to read some–on this website, or elsewhere. It can be a new kind of creative endeavor and it can be a lot of fun. We encourage you to jump in!
*or church bulletins, restaurant menus, technical manuals, post-operative patient instructions, subpoenas, court orders, stone tablets, disgraced memorials, and post-apocalyptic cookbooks.

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